31.10 - 3.11.2013
31.10 - 3.11.2013


- Finals of students' contests in foreign languages;
- Blitz competitions in the Russian and foreign languages ("The Russian Language - Test Yourself," "My Moscow", "My Russia", "Russian Literature", "Russian spelling", "Pass the Mock Unified State Examination in English / German / French and other languages', 'Pass the Mock Examination at Peoples' Friendship University, etc.").


The exhibition will be coordinated with the International Forum "Moscow: Megapolis of Language and Culture Tolerance". A grand ribbon-cutting ceremony, sessions on foreign language training policies and technologies, textbooks and products  releases, student contest winner award ceremonies  will also feature in the event.

  • Conference, Round Tables, Discussions:
- 2 plenary sessions of the Conference "Inter-ethnic Coexistence in the Modern Megapolis: Moscow and International Experience."
- Round table: "Foreign Languages Teaching Resources."
- Round table: "The Russian Language and Problems of Foreign Citizens' Socio-cultural Adaptation in the Modern Megapolis."
- Discussion: "The English Language Expansion in Modern Education: For and Against"
  • Educational and Consultative Activities:
- Consultations on foreign language training courses and products by representatives of universities, publishing houses, promotion  and other institutions and agencies, participating in the Exhibition.
- Workshops by Russian and foreign specialists  on technologies to teach the Russian and foreign languages, free tests in the Russian and foreign languages.
- Consultations on language training of students with disabilities.

  • Exhibition and Fair:
- Language courses, language education and information technology product releases.
- Domestic and foreign well-known publishing institutions, promotion agencies, universities, enterprises and industry exhibitors are invited to participate in the presentations, new product marketing and further discussions.

  • Contests and Competitions:

  • to position foreign language mastery as a critical  tool for personal growth and professional development;
  • to enhance the Russian language role and competitiveness in the modern world,  to support  the Russian language learning and teaching;
  • to showcase and promote innovative technologies in the field of foreign language-focused  education for students of  Moscow schools and universities;
  • to create communicative environment for  integrating  interests of the population, public and private educational institutions, business enterprises, Moscow authorities  and other agencies and institutions  that are involved in the field of language and cross cultural communication education;
  • to support  students of Moscow secondary and higher educational institutions in identifying and mastering different trajectories of foreign language learning;
  • to create  conditions for representatives of foreign language training  community  to  share and enhance their experience in developing  linguocultural tolerance through interactive technologies;
  • to showcase  and promote innovative language training courses, designed by Moscow  and international educational institutions;
  • to integrate Moscow public into the world multilingual and multicultural community.

to promote Moscow's image as  that of  a modern international Megapolis, that strives to strengthen human values development priorities  by  providing linguocultural education quality and  disseminating  the best international  and domestic  practices  of teaching Russian and Foreign languages to  schoolchildren and students to integrate them into the global educational and professional community.


  • Students of secondary and high schools, colleges and universities

  • Parents and minor's  legal representatives

  • Teachers of secondary, special, vocational and higher educational institutions

  • Heads and specialists of secondary, special, vocational and higher educational  institutions from Moscow, Russia's regions and international community.

Venue: All-Russia Exhibition Centre, pavilion № 75
Date:   31.10 - 3.10.2013
Students' concerts and multimedia presentations  in foreign languages, films and karaoke songs in foreign languages, world folk dances.
  • Cultural Events and Entertainment:
People's Friendship University of Russia with the Moscow government support
Peoples' Friendship University of Russia, All Russia Exhibition Centre
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